Carl Walk and Higger Tor

Not much in the way of photos this time, after things didn’t quite go as planned.

We wanted to try to capture some good sunrise photos, so after checking the sunrise time (5:50AM) and looking through our guide books for somewhere we haven’t been for a while, we agreed on Carl Walk and Higger Tor from Peak District Top 10 Walks: Walks with History available at

Parking is free, in Upper Burbage Bridge Car Park

The last time we started from this car park in April 2017, we broke down, so planning for this as a worst case scenario, we slept early, to get up at 4:30AM for an energetic start.

Video below is mostly the drive, and ends with some lovely views through Castleton.

  • Mistake #1: Not thinking to check the weather before leaving
  • Mistake #2: Assuming that if we had checked the forecast, we would’ve realised that “Cloudy” = no visible sunrise
  • Mistake #3: Relying on Adam for map reading skills

The views were obscured by mist, and we were unable to follow the route instructions, instead, ending up at a trail we remembered from another walk from Longshaw Estate: Millstone Edge.

GPX if for some reason you want to replicate our random walking.

We managed to walk everywhere except for Carl Walk, missing it, missing Burbage Rocks; and turning a 4.25 mile route into a 6.5 mile route, all while missing the main points.

“Even from afar, the enormous stone wall is readily visible”

Walks with History – Peak District
Dennis Kelsall

Finally making it back to the car – cold, soaked, and demoralised.. and all before 9AM!