Lady Clough Forest

Just an aimless wander around Lady Clough Forest near Snakes Pass. Parking at Hope Woodland Car Park

On this day we wanted to have an easy-going and quiet walk, without too many hills. The evening before, we saw a guide by Athena Mellor and liked the look of the forest.

Continuing to work on filming, we have a short video of the trip.

The weather was warm, but misty. Thankfully there weren’t many sheep to avoid.

Following the blue signposts gives a 2 mile walk, however we wandered aimlessly first, before following the blue signposts to a total of 4 miles.

The carpark was almost full on our arrival at 7:30am – from campers who had stayed overnight in the woods.

It was disappointing to see the amount of litter and fly-tipped tyres, in the woodlands, throughout the walk.