High Wheeldon

Starting from roadside parking on the cobbled market place, following the route listed in Peak District Top 10 Walks to Viewpoints available at https://amzn.to/2X1ckVg

We’re trying out a bit of video editing – difficult to condense 5 hours into an engaging video, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy looking back on these snapshots in 10 years. YouTube video embedded below.

A 4 mile route, 2.5 hours – only really suitable for dry weather.

Although in worse conditions, there is a diversion available (walking along a road instead of through fields); in the first half, it wouldn’t be much of a walk without it.

We started early, since the forecast was for a hot day, and to avoid as much traffic (pedestrian and vehicular.)

An extra grumpy dog today; Bo did not enjoy the sheep or cows, which made for some “interesting” confrontations with the herds, and having to carry the heavy dog up the steepest hills before the trig point.

At some points the guide book was especially thin on details, and there was a larger proportion of walking along the roads, which isn’t particularly relaxing.

The highlights of the morning out were the views from the drive, and the viewpoint itself.

The fitness tracker wasn’t charged, so we don’t have any stats this time.

Panorama from the trig point at High Wheeldon