Ye Olde Royal Oak

Another route from the 10 Pub Walks book, this time a shorter path, and much easier than previous weekends.

An easy Sunday morning hike, but a longer drive, we picked the route titled Ye Olde Royal Oak from 10 Pub Walks – Peak District.

Setting off at 7am and starting the walk at 8am usually means that the named pubs are just an easily googled starting point. We parked in the free Wetton Village Car Park, Carr Lane, Post code ST13 7ST

The full route is available in the book here:

The route leads you to Thors Cave, which we know is a popular destination. The early start meant that we saw more groups when we were heading back, and very few when we were on the way in. Just the way we like it with a grumpy boxer.

And the obligatory quick recording from inside Thors Cave.

We arrived back at the car by 10am, the car park had filled up while we were out, and so the early start was entirely validated.